F.A.Q. General Questions

How is Health Insurance Reform Formally Known as The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) (aka ObamaCare) Going to Impact the Health Insurance Market?

The short answer is nobody really knows. ObamaCare is a work in progress. Despite the law being approximately 3,000 pages it is very vague law. How the law will actually be implemented will be dependent upon regulations written by the Secretary of Health and Human Services at her sole discretion.

Beginning in 2014 all Americans will be required to purchase health insurance or pay a tax. this tax will start low and increase significantly over several years. Individuals that do not get health insurance through their employer will have a new web based mechanism know as exchanges that are supposed to provide low cost health insurance plans that provide "essential benefits". How this will work, what treatments will be covered, what doctors and hospitals will accept this insurance as well as what it will cost are all undefined at this time.

There is relatively broad based agreement that these requirements will result in rapidly increasing health insurance costs.

Why is Now a Good Time to Look at One’s Health Insurance Options?

Even in today’s highly uncertain health care environment every individual and business should examine their health insurance plan every year and expect to change carriers every two or three years. The reason is simply the way health insurance company is priced. Most health insurance companies use a duration pricing model. This means when you initially purchase a plan you are placed in a pool. However, over time the pool contracts as people drop coverage, however, people with medical conditions tend to stay in the pool as alternative cost effective options are limited and thus prices accelerate to cover rising claims. In order to get lower rates, individuals and companies need to examine changing carriers to get into a new pool that does not include the old medical risks.

What Other Products does incSurance Offer?

We offer a extensive range of products all custom tailored to each clients’s individual needs We take a consultive approach and design products to fit unique needs and not a one size fits all approach as is common in the industry. These products include numerous accident, annuities, critical illness, dental, disability, life (permanent and term), pension, 401K and vision options.

your insurance needs change with the river of life

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